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    好玩棋牌游戏平台The young man paused, and Lefarge asked how the group was packed.


    ‘I hardly know where to begin,’ he said. ‘The first thing directly bearing on the affair was a meeting between myself and some friends at the Café Toisson d’Or in Paris, but before I come to that I think I ought to explain just who I am and how I, a Frenchman, come to be living in London. I think this is necessary, as the question of my previous knowledge of poor Annette Boirac is certain to come up. What do you say, Mr. Clifford?’
    Burnley swore. ‘I beg your pardon, sir, but this gets deeper and deeper. Two casks!’ He groaned.
    ‘Grenelle, Paris.


    1.‘No, no. I’m sure it’s not that. Felix is a very straight, decent fellow. He would not do a thing like that.’
    2.‘We had both arrived at the same conclusion, monsieur,’ answered Lefarge.
    3.He went out on the drive. Here were plenty of marks, but try as he would he could make nothing of them. The surface was covered thickly with fine gravel and only showed vague disturbances with no clear outlines. He began methodically to search the drive as he had done the yard. Every foot was examined in turn, Burnley gradually working down towards the gate. After he left the immediate neighbourhood of the house the gravel became much thinner, but the surface below was hard and bore no marks. He continued perseveringly until he got near the gate, and then he had some luck.
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